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Just as water has a way of finding it’s level, life often times has a way of taking you to where you feel you most belong.

Although art and design has always been a passion of mine, it wasn’t the first path I chose as a profession. After having the dream of living off of playing in punks bands swiftly crushed in high school, I decided to focus on what interested me most in school - science.  I attended the University of British Columbia and studied biology with the intent of working in veterinary medicine.  I worked a summer in a veterinary office and soon discovered a big part of the job was, unfortunately, putting sick animals to sleep.  That was a far heavier task than my emotional well-being was ready to accept with any regularity, so I went back to the drawing board to plot out a new path. I went back to UBC and shifted my focus to human medicine and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science. Though studying something important in such a precise way really intrigued me, I was still feeling unfulfilled with the idea of practicing medicine.

Throughout my years of school and work, I had always been playing in bands, making art, and designing shirts and album layouts for friends’ bands and companies. This was something that I did in my free time out of a passion for creating.  Then one day at a cycling race, somebody commented that they liked my team’s jerseys that I had designed, and said that I should become a graphic designer. Everything snapped into focus: my love of art, detail, creativity, and my often mocked about love of mid-century advertisements. Graphic design would be where I could meld my passion for art and creativity with my love of precision and detail.

I have since studied graphic design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and have been working as a freelance designer. And though I am not anywhere near any profession in the medical field, my years of education have not been wasted. I approach my designs with the same level of research and precision as I did with projects when I was working in a research lab. Science and biology has also been an endless source of inspiration in my designs. It’s hard to spend any time regretting the time and money spent on my previous education and goals as it has ultimately brought me to be the designer I am today.

CM Graphic Design is a freelance graphic design company started in 2014. Based in Vancouver, BC, Carl has had the opportunity to showcase his passion for design through working with all sorts of clients in  varying capacities.

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CM Graphic Design is based out of Vancouver, BC.

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